Intercessory Ministry

Redeemer Apostolic Church Intercessory Prayer Ministry is committed to following in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are continuing the work of the Lord as the perfect example of an intercessor, by being a ministry who is working on perfecting their love for God and His kingdom, so we can reach our family, friends, neighbors, community and even the four corners of this world.

We commit ourselves as the prophets in scripture like Abraham, Moses, Samuel, and Ezekiel to stand before God as a consecrated vessel between God and His people to see His mighty acts poured out upon the children of men. It is our endeavor to be the ministry that all activities of Redeemer Apostolic Church is channeled through.

Our Intercessory Ministry team and altar workers are in the position to touch the lives of all who enter our doors and watch us on Live Stream. We stand in the center of God's will and pray, being obedient to the scripture by putting all things to God in prayer and seeking a close relationship with him so that we walk in the same direction of His will.

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